Beginner Suggestions


One $ 9.99

The ONE as an excellent beginners yo-yo that can really take you through the basics.

YYF Spinstar $ 5.99

The Spinstar is the ultimate yo-yo for beginners! Easy to learn with, low maintenance, and extra durable

YYF Replay -

Responsive $ 14.99

The Replay is the first of its kind a signature YoYoFactory model that anyone can use!

Yoyofactory Replay Pro

$ 15.99

The Replay Pro outplays just about any yo-yo in it's price range and once you start throwing it you'll completely forget that you're shredding through your hardest combos with a $15 plastic yo-yo!

Yoyofactory Velocity

$ 14.99

An all plastic yo-yo that with the spin of a dial you could adjust to go from beginner to expert!

Kitty XL yoyo string

$ 3.50

The XL type is perfect for beginners looking for tighter binds or experts looking for the perfect string for whips and slacks!

What I Throw

Yoyofactory Wedge $ 19.99

Lets talk about WEDGE. It’s the next step for us in plastic. It’s good. Solid


Edge Beyond $ 149.99

Signature yoyo of world champion Evan Nagao. Evan worked closely with YoYoFactory to create the Edge Beyond. They spared no attention to detail to give Evan ultimate competition yo-yo.

Yoyofactory Shutter Wide Angle $ 54.99

Forefront of modern performance and in-tune with the needs of current USA champion Gentry Stein.

Duncan Grasshopper GTX $ 74.99

Signature Model of the 2013 Wold Champion János Karancz. János made it clear that he wanted more stability to help him perform his signature slack and rejection combos. This yoyo doesn't fail to deliver.


Bi- Metal Shutter

$ 119.99

The Shutter legacy has already delivered 4 USA titles, 2 World Titles and many other titles around the world. The bi-metal Shutter is the next step.

Buddha XL

String $ 14.97

My favorite string for whips, slacks and all around throwing.

Buddha Bearing Ripple $ 8.97

Top notch bearing. You can tell the difference. One of my favorites!

Buddha Response Pads

$ 1.49

Great long lasting response pads.

Buddha Whipple Bearing $ 5.97

The signature bearing of the 2003 world and national champion, Johnnie Delvalle. 

Buddha Double Double $ 5.97

Designed for precision, center the string on every plane for ultimate control!
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